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Montblanc 38034 Westside 4810 Leather Business Card Holder Wallet

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This Montblanc 38034 Westside 4810 Leather Business Card Holder Wallet is the latest sensation from the brand. The wallet has a very accommodating size in 7.5 x 11 cm so that it fits in your pant/shirt pockets easily. Meant for suave gentlemen, this exquisite piece has its exterior material adorned with Jaquard lining that features the Montblanc emblem with palladium-plated rings round it. Also, the engravings of Montblanc brand name on the exterior side render the brand’s patented look. Open this wallet and the inner material is another big surprise for you. Designed in European full-grain cowhide, the inner material bears subtle prints with a fine rare finish to it. Thanks to its dyed through, chrome tanned leather quality ornamenting the inner side of this wallet! There are 2 pockets for your credit cards, separate pockets for business cards, back pocket along with an additional pocket inside the wallet. Own this fine piece of Montblanc wallet now and savor our offers of 2-4 days International Shipping along with FREE Shipping USA and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Brand Name:   Montblanc
Style Number:   38034 
Gender:   Male
Series:   Meisterstuck Selection with Gusket
Exterior:   Montblanc emblem with palladium-plated ringJacquard lining with Montblanc brand name
Interior:   European full-grain cowhide with subtle print and fine rare finish, chrome-tanned, dyed through
Pockets:   Compartment for business cards, 2 pockets for credit cards, additional pocket, back pocket
Size:   7.5 x 11 cm
Condition:   Brand new in Manufacturer's Box with Manuals
UPC:   -----


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