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Montblanc Meisterstruck Platinum Line M161P Ballpoint Pen 7569

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Crafted for elegance, the 7569 Meisterstuck Ballpoint 161P Pen from the stellar brand of Montblanc is a captivating writing instrument that boasts of a highly sophisticated look. The essence of the brand, Montblanc, is reflected in each of its products and this stunning device is no exception. In complete black color, the pen has an attractive looking cap made out of black precious resin bearing the print of Montblanc star. Attached with a platinum-plated clip, this pen exudes more elegance. Encircling the pen, the trim is embossed with the lettering of brand name ‘Montblanc’ and three platinum plated rings on it. While each part of the pen bears the spirit of the brand, the barrel is crafted out of black precious resin rendering a tough exterior resistant to heat and corrosion. Hold your breath, since we offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and 2-4 days International Shipping with Free Shipping USA. Hurry Up And Buy Now!

Brand Name:   Montblanc
Style Number:   7569
Also Known as:   M161P
Series:   Meisterstruck Platinum LIne
Color:   Black
Barell:   Black Precious Resin
Cap:   Black Precious Resin inlaid with Montblanc star
Trim:   Three platinum plated rings embossed with Montblanc
Clip:   Platinum-plated clip
Condition:   Brand new in box and Manuals. Serial number is intact.


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