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Montblanc Meisterstuck Platinum Line AKA M164P Ballpoint Pen 2866

$330.00 $440.00


Here is a simple, yet elegant looking pen for you. Include the attractive looking 2866 AKA 164P Meisterstuck Ballpoint Pen from the renowned brand of Montblanc in your collection. It is black in color and the features are meticulously designed for perfection. Made out of black precious resin, the barrel of this writing instrument offers a durable exterior. On the black resin cap, you can note a white ‘Montblanc’ star. The platinum-plated clip brings a contrasting beauty against the black body of the pen. The clip has an individual serial number on it that distinguishes it from the other lot of Montblanc pens. To add the last touch of excellence to its look, the trim that encircles the instrument has the brand name, ‘Montblanc’ and three platinum tone rings embossed on it. If you want to buy your favorite Montblanc pen, then order now. We offer 2-4 days International Shipping along with Free Shipping USA and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, so do not be late!

Brand Name:   Montblanc
Style Number:   2866
Also Known as:   M164P
Series:   Meisterstuck Ballpoint
Color:   Black
Barrel:   Black Precious Resin
Cap:   White Montblanc star on black resin cap
Trim:   Three platinum tone rings embossed with the Montblanc brand name
Clip:   Platinum-plated clip with individual serial number
Condition:   Brand new in box with Manuals. Serial number is intact.


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