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Montblanc Meisterstück Solitaire LeGrand Ballpoint Pen 110601

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This brand is in the outlet now, exclusively for those who care for style and exude charm. The 110601 Meisterstuck Solitaire LeGrand Ballpoint Pen is also an apt writing instrument for students, academicians and other writing class. In solemn white, the pen has a very small ball at its writing tip .Its stiffer ink enhances smooth touch. With a platinum-plated cap crowning the top, the pen looks marvellous. Lacquered in white color the barrel appears very pleasant The tip and clip are of platinum-plating The tip carries the laser-engraving of Montblanc massif on it whereas, you find the individual serial number on the clip and ‘Montblanc’ name embossed prominently on it. Run your eyes over the trim circling the pen that bears the ‘Montblanc’ brand name and three platinum-plated rings imprinted on it. Fetch this fancy looking Montblanc pen by ordering now and also enjoy our 30 day money back offer with fast 2-4 days International Shipping and Free USA Shipping.

Brand Name :

     Style No.  110601

Series :

Meisterstück Solitaire Tribute to the Mont Blanc LeGrand 

  Writing System : Ballpoint


Color : White
Barrel & Tip: Precious white lacquer & Platinum-plated metal tip with laser-engraved Mont Blanc massif
Cap : Platinum-plated
Trim : Three Platinum-plated rings embossed with Montblanc brand name
Clip : Platinum-plated clip with embossed Montblanc brand name and individual serial number
Condition:  Brand new in box with Manuals. Serial number is intact.




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