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Montblanc Starwalker Extreme Dia-Cut AKA M25647 Fineliner Pen 111288

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The 111288 Starwalker Extreme Fineliner Dia-Cut Structured Pen from Montblanc uses fineliner writing system. The best feature of a fine liner pen is that It has a plastic tip, highly smooth and precise for drawing and sketching. Clad in black, the barrel of the pen is of black precious resin accentuated with structured inlays. In contrast to the black-hued body, the ruthenium-plated trim adds grace and sturdiness to the pen. With a transparent cap sitting on top of the pen, it bears a floating Montblanc emblem on it. Last, but not the least, the clip deserves special mention, which is ruthenium-plated and bears an individual serial number and brand name ‘Montblanc emphatically embossed on it. Hurry Up up and place order now for this exclusive Montblanc pen. We offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and fast international shipping along with Free Shipping USA.

Brand Name :

     Style No.  111288 AKA M25647

Series :

Starwalker Extreme 

  Writing System : Fineliner


Color : Black
Barrel : Black precious resin with structured inlays
Cap : Floating Montblanc emblem in transparent cap-top
Trim : Ruthenium-plated 
Clip : Ruthenium-plated clip with embossed Montblanc brand name and individual serial number
Condition:  Brand new in box with Manuals. Serial number is intact.




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