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Montblanc Starwalker Extreme DIA-Cut AKA M25648 Ballpoint Pen 111289

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Here is a lovely looking pen for you from the renowned house of Montblanc. The Montblanc 111289 Starwalker Extreme Ballpoint Dia-Cut Structured Pen entails magnificent features so that you feel proud of owning it. Appearing in black hue, this writing instrument uses Ballpoint writing system with a twist mechanism. The transparent cap-top bears a floating ‘Montblanc’ emblem on it. You will love the barrel that is made out of black precious resin with accents of structured inlays adding to its style. Encircling the pen, the ruthenium-plated trim looks absolutely gorgeous. Now, when you tuck the pen to your shirt’s pocket, the clip exudes the Montblanc’s aura in its ruthenium-plating that comes embossed with an individual serial number and ‘Montblanc’ name on it. Hurry up and place order now and get our 2-4 days International Shipping offer with Free Shipping in USA and 30 days money back guarantee. Own this gorgeous looking pen and make your friends envy you.

Brand Name :

     Style No.  111289 AKA M25648

Series :

Starwalker Extreme 

  Writing System : Ballpoint ( Twist Mechanism )


Color : Black
Barrel : Black precious resin with structured inlays
Cap : Floating Montblanc emblem in transparent cap-top
Trim : Ruthenium-plated 
Clip : Ruthenium-plated clip with embossed Montblanc brand name and individual serial number
Condition:  Brand new in box with Manuals. Serial number is intact.




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